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The District Intervention Team covers all AISD campuses, providing drug & alcohol prevention information for students, staff, parents and the community. The role of the District Intervention Team in relation to students, is presenting the dangerous consequences of drugs and alcohol in a classroom or assumably setting. The team also provides drug and alcohol education to AISD staff members. Additionally, they also provide staff with current national and district drug and alcohol related statistics and trends, as well as information on drug paraphernalia and concealment items. Information on community drug challenges is also provided to parents and other community members.

The main goal of the District Intervention Team is to provide drug and alcohol prevention education. Drug and alcohol challenges are a collaborative effort of the District Intervention Specialist and the Student Outreach Support (SOS) department. If your campus is experiencing a campus wide drug and alcohol issue that needs to be addressed, or if you would like prevention education, contact your District Intervention Specialist. If there is an individual student or students needing immediate intervention due to substance issues, please contact your campus SOS staff.

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District Intervention Specialists

Dr. Angela Lawrence, PhD., LMSW

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-9374

Kevin McKinney, MA, LCDC

Intervention Specialist
(682) 867-9380