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WWE stars and Medal of Honor winner visit Nichols Junior High
Posted in , on March 12, 2024

WWE’s Montez Ford inspires students

If the seventh graders at Nichols Junior High needed a boost to start their last Friday before spring break, WWE superstar Montez Ford was ready to give it to them.

Ford jumped on the table in the cafeteria and pumped up the students with his talk about commitment.

The commitment theme was all part of the morning event put on by the National Medal of Honor Museum and the WWE. Joining Ford at the event were another WWE superstar Michin and National Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg, who is one of 63 living MOH recipients.

WWE star at Nichols Junior High“It’s the best,” Ford said. “I remember being their age and just being excited, happy and scared all at the same time. To see someone that I possibly idolize who takes the time to come in and give me some words of encouragement, it would go a long way. I’m glad I’m in this position to give back.”

Ford, who served in the Marines, talked about the commitment it took for him to reach the level he is now. He talked about the travel involved, the training, and balancing that along with being married and raising two children.

“Every success story has commitment,” Ford said. “For me to be as fly as I am, it took commitment.”

Ford had the Nichols students hanging on his every word with his engaging speech and served as the perfect hype man for Groberg.

“Call of Duty ain’t got nothing on him,” Ford said of Groberg.Medal of Honor winner visits Nichols Junior High

Groberg’s commitment to the event was evident by the fact that the day before appearing at Nichols, he was in Latvia working with people helping Ukraine.

At Nichols, Groberg didn’t talk much about what it took for him to earn the Medal of Honor, but instead focused on his time as a junior high student. He came to the United States from France as a sixth grader and didn’t speak English. By the time he graduated from high school, he had a college scholarship and graduated with honors.

It wasn’t easy, but Groberg was committed.

“I did my best,” Groberg said.

Commitment is one of the Medal of Honor values. The new Medal of Honor Museum is slated to open in March of 2024 in Arlington, and Groberg was happy to share his message.

“It reminds me of when I was in their shoes,” he said. “They’re probably going to get 15 or 20% of the message we sent out today, but this is one of those things that they’re going to remember. To do it with someone like Montez, that added element of stardom gets them really excited, so this is a day they’ll remember for a long time.”