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Amos summer learning is fun

Amos Elementary makes Summer Learning fun

June 30, 2021
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It’s not every day a student gets to practice mathematical strategies huddled under a tent next to a roaring fire while still inside the classroom. Or have the principal show up to school in a Camp Life T-shirt, baseball cap and backpack with a large water bottle dangling from one side and a flashlight from…

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Nsekhe football camp at Bowie

Ty Nsekhe, now Dallas Cowboy hosts fourth annual youth football camp

June 29, 2021
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Saturday morning, 10-year-old Brayson Barnard desperately tried to catch a football thrown by Attauyo “Ty” Nsekhe, the new Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman. No, Barnard, of Tolar, wasn’t still in bed, dreaming. The two were inside Bowie High School’s Multipurpose activity center, where Nsekhe was hosting a football camp. And another youth participant kept intercepting the…

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How to access STAAR test results

STAAR Results now available!

June 28, 2021
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Access Your Child’s STAAR Results For STAAR 2021 Grades 3-8 and STAAR EOC STAAR 2021 TEST RESULTS FOR STUDENTS IN GRADES 3 THROUGH 8 Results for the Grades 5 and 8 Math and Reading given in May will be released on June 21. Results for all other tests given in grades 3-8 will be released…

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phlebotomy summer course

Students learn phlebotomy in special summer course

June 25, 2021
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Summer camp looks a bit different for students at the Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center this year. Instead of board games and enrichment, phlebotomy students are getting a crash course instructed by health science teachers Mark Ingram and Jacqulyn Robinius. Phlebotomy, also called venipuncture, is the process of using a needle to…

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college checklist

College checklist helps rising high school seniors prepare now

June 24, 2021
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Going into your senior year of high school can be one of the most exciting yet frightening times of your life. The biggest question most students ask themselves entering their senior year is, “What’s next?” What am I going to do?”   Arlington ISD’s guidance and counseling department has made answering these questions a lot simpler. They have created a summer college plan checklist that helps students better prepare themselves for their post-secondary career. A senior checklist can help students find scholarships, prompt registration for the SAT/ACT, book college visits and much more!    Telisa Brown, the…

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Marine surprises sister graduating at Martin High School

Marine surprises sister at her graduation

June 21, 2021
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Allie Shaffer, a new graduate of Martin High School, understands the hardships that deployment of a loved one can bring. Her older brother, Triston Shaffer, has served as a U.S. Marine for the past three years. Becoming a Marine had always been his dream since he was a kid.  Allie and her family hadn’t seen Triston, currently a lance corporal stationed in California, since Christmas of 2020. On Allie’s graduation day earlier this month, she called and…

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Stantec and Pogue supported students with pizza and bbq

Strong partnership equals construction progress at Gunn Junior High

June 18, 2021
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A massive construction project months ahead of schedule is practically unheard of. But at Gunn Junior High, where additions and renovations are turning the school into the district’s first fine arts/dual language junior high academy, months ahead of schedule is actually the project’s current status. It’s thanks to a strong partnership among Gunn and Arlington…

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