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college checklist
Posted in , on June 24, 2021

Going into your senior year of high school can be one of the most exciting yet frightening times of your life. The biggest question most students ask themselves entering their senior year is, “What’s next?” What am I going to do?”


Arlington ISD’s guidance and counseling department has made answering these questions a lot simpler. They have created a summer college plan checklist that helps students better prepare themselves for their post-secondary career. A senior checklist can help students find scholarships, prompt registration for the SAT/ACT, book college visits and much more! 


Telisa Brown, the director of the guidance and counseling department, believes utilizing partners like InspirED during the summer months puts students entering their senior year in a better position to succeed after graduation. See InspireED’s flyer about their summer services and schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor about navigating life after graduation.


More Tips on How to Prepare for College Now  

Seniors-to-be, check out the senior checklist today and get started on your journey to college. Make sure to log in to your email throughout the summer for important college tips. You can also download the summer learning college information below. 
  1. At any grade level, click here to find out how to attend virtual or in-person college tours or explore future careers and more!
  2. Click here to learn how to practice for your SAT now. 
  3. Learn how to receive scholarship money as you prepare for college by viewing this PDF
  4. If you love Texas and only want to attend college in the Lone Star state, just complete one application. Learn more here