In order for any student to earn credit for a class, they must pass the class with an academic grade of 70% or higher AND be in attendance at least 90% of the days a class is offered. Students who fail to meet the 90% requirement put themselves in danger of not earning credit for classes even if their grade is 70% or higher.

Students under the 90% attendance rate begin to earn absence (ABS) hours that must be recovered in order to earn credit for classes. Students can check to see how many ABS hours they owe for past semesters and projected ABS hours for the current semester. If students continue to have absences or skip classes then the absences for the current semester will grow. For each period a student is absent, it will increase their ABS hours by 1.5 hours.

Read before clicking link: You MUST be logged into your AISD Google Drive account in order to review your ABS hours. If you are not logged into your AISD account or are logged into multiple Google accounts the following link will not work.

Check My ABS Hours