Arlington College and Career High School

Preparing Students for a Lifetime of Success.




Get a head start on college or a great career at no cost to you.

Make a college education a reality by earning up to 60 hours of FREE college credit from Tarrant County College

Acquire Workforce Certifications in a variety of programs offered at Tarrant County College

Set yourself apart from the competition by developing workplace skills and techniques for college success while in high school

Graduate with a high school diploma and associate degree at the same time

Students at Arlington College and Career High School (ACCHS) get to study in a college setting and begin taking dual-credit courses as a high school freshman. Students also get to take classes that put them on target to get Level 1 workforce certifications.

State Average = 40% of students earning an associate degree

Arlington ISD = 90% success

When your child completes their ACCHS career, they’ll be confident and ready for college or to head into the workforce.  

ACCHS is free for ALL Arlington ISD students and those enrolling from outside of the district. 

An early college high school offers your child everything they need to be a success in college or in their career.

  • Earn a high school diploma and up to 60 hours of FREE college credit from Tarrant County College 
  • Receive academic and social supports in a strategic and individualized fashion from Tarrant County College faculty members as well as Arlington ISD teachers 
  • Get free transportation to and from home high school campuses 
  • Learn to work productively in group settings 
  • Take advantage of free Workforce 1 certifications 

Early college high schools partner with Texas Institutes of Higher Education to reduce barriers to college access. 

Make a seamless transition from high school to college or career with a diploma, associate degree and workforce certifications in hand.

How to launch your ACCHS education:

  • Step 1

    Identify if early college high school is right for your child.

  • Step 2

    Apply for Arlington College and Career High School during the application window.

  • STEP 3

    Watch your student thrive.

We understand that the choice to give your child a unique education is a big one.

At Arlington College and Career High School, students receive all the benefits of the Arlington ISD whole-child education plus a head start for success in college or career.

Arlington College and Career High School staff are committed to helping your child succeed.

  • Focus on highly-personalized attention
  • Tutoring and test preparations tailored for each student
  • Frequent check-ins from counselors and staff
  • Summer bridge programming offered
  • Application assistance provided
  • Free transportation provided from hub locations across the district

Your child has an incredible path ahead. 

A ACCHS education will provide them with opportunities to change the world. 


What is an Early College High School?

An Early College High School (ECHS) like Arlington College and Career High School (ACCHS) is a designation through the Texas Education Agency for innovative high schools located on or near a college campus. This designation allows students who would not otherwise consider attending college an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree (up to 60 free college credit hours) and workforce certifications simultaneously.
An ECHS allows students the unique opportunity to prepare for college and/or career success as one of 125 new incoming freshmen. Students have access to Tarrant County College (TCC) facilities, resources and services, including the faculty, libraries, labs, artistic and cultural activities and extracurricular activities, as appropriate.

How Much College Credit Can a Student Earn at Acchs?

ACCHS students can earn up to 60 free college credit hours, an associate of arts or associate of applied science degree, and a level 1 workforce certificate.

What Grades Are Accepted Into This Program?

Students must begin ACCHS during their ninth-grade year, so only incoming ninth graders are accepted.

How Do I Apply and When is the Deadline?

Any eighth-grader can apply to attend ACCHS for the following year. Students can apply online at or The application window for the 2024 - 2025 school year opens Tuesday, Oct. 24, at noon and closes on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024 at 5 p.m. Students and parents must fill out the application completely and then the selection process will begin. Parent information sessions will be posted on the specialized programs page.

How Many Students Are Accepted Compared to How Many Apply Each Year?

Approximately 125 students per program are accepted each year with more than 350 students applying each year.

What Are the Qualifications You Are Looking for to Be Accepted?

We are looking for students who work hard and have a positive attitude. Students at ACCHS will go to a campus that creates a college-going culture that enables students to build the skills and knowledge, including academic behaviors, necessary for college success.

Are Students Able to Re-apply if They Were Not Accepted as a Freshman?

Students cannot reapply as they move through their sophomore, junior, and senior years. The curriculum students engage with includes high school and dual credit courses, which are rigorous and fast-paced. Accepting students outside these cohorts is difficult because the courses are in a particular sequence or path.

Are There Other Schools I Can Go to if I Don’t Get Into This One?

Yes, a student can apply to other programs:
Arlington Collegiate High School
Bowie P-TECH
Lamar P-TECH
Sam Houston P-TECH
Seguin P-TECH
STEM Academy at Martin High School

Do You Accept Out-of-district Students?

Residents outside of Arlington ISD boundaries will be offered admission after all Arlington ISD residents have been placed. Out-of-district siblings of current ACCHS students are exempt from this requirement.

When Will I Know if I Was Accepted?

Invitations for specialized programs will be sent out on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024, at 4:30 p.m. directly from specialized program campuses. Families receive one notification, either an invitation from a specialized program campus or an email explaining other opportunities if a student is not accepted into a specialized program.

Is There a Cost to Attend Acchs?

There is no cost to attend ACCHS. The Arlington ISD will pay for tuition, fees and required textbooks to the extent those charges are not waived for Tarrant County College.

Is There Transportation?

Yes, there are school buses that travel to and from each traditional high school in the district on each school day to ACCHS. Students are picked up at the traditional high school they are zoned to attend then driven to ACCHS each day. They ride the bus back to the traditional high school each afternoon.
Transportation is not provided for out-of-district students.

Are There Any Information Meetings?

During the application window, several parent information meetings are held to review the program design, expectations and to discuss the application process. Parents must attend a parent meeting for at least one early college high school.

Can My Child Play Sports or Participate in Fine Arts While at This School?

No competitive sports or fine arts are available at ACCHS, and students who attend ACCHS cannot compete in these areas for other high schools.