Board approves bond construction for ten schools

Anderson Elementary

Anderson Elementary

June 29, 2016 - The AISD Board of Trustees approved the guaranteed maximum price for bond-funded construction projects at 10 schools at last night's board meeting. Now the district will proceed with construction at Arlington High School, Morton Elementary and South Davis Elementary, along with Anderson Elementary, Beckham Elementary, Blanton Elementary, Burgin Elementary, Hale Elementary, Remynse Elementary and West Elementary.

Arlington, Morton and South Davis are all in the same bid package. Arlington will receive life-cyle and deficiency upgrades, along with renovations of existing fine arts, athletics and career and technical spaces. Morton and South Davis will each receive two STEM labs, a strings room and security vestibule, along with life-cycle and deficiency upgrades.

The other seven elementary schools - Anderson, Beckham, Blanton, Burgin, Hale, Remynse and West - are grouped together in one bid package and each school will receive two STEM labs, a strings room and security vestibule. While all seven will also get life-cycle and deficiency upgrades, those projects will be completed later in the bond program, in 2018 or 2019.

Click on the links below for more details about the scope of work at each campus.
Arlington High School
Morton Elementary
South Davis Elementary
Anderson Elementary
Beckham Elementary
Blanton Elementary
Burgin Elementary
Hale Elementary
Remynse Elementary
West Elementary

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