Sanchez Nelly

Campus Role: Teacher
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I got my passion for cooking early on from my family, growing up every meal was special and made with love. As I grew up and graduated from high school I realized that my path was leading me down the culinary path. I graduated from culinary school at El Centro College here in Dallas, TX and dove head first into the food industry; I started teaching cooking classes at Sur la Table and began a cooking club for a middle school in Dallas. As my teaching experience grew so did my love and passion for teaching others, especially children. That is why I have chosen to teach, educate and inspire the future generations in the culinary field so as to maybe spark passion in the kitchen and more appreciation for the food we eat . As my favorite chef Anthony Bourdain once said. “Food is everything we are, It’s an extension of your personal history, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.”

Alma Mater:

El Centro – Assoc. of Applied Science in Culinary Arts

Time Period A Day Time Period B Day
9:35-12:50 2 & 3 CONFERENCE 9:35-12:50 8 & 9 CULINARY ARTS I
3:15-4:45 4 & 5 CULINARY ARTS I 1:45-4:55 10 & 11 CULINARY ARTS I