Office and Support Staff

Career Pathways Staff

Bartlett, Wayne Law and Public Safety ext.79569

Beall, Courtney Health Science ext.79560

Blackner, Debbie Marketing Sales and Service ext.79573

Chavoya, Ethan Hospitality and Tourism ext.79545

Copenhaver, Rodney Arts, AV Technology and Communications ext.79535

Durr, Kyle Agricultural Sciences ext.79528

Farmer, Lacie Agricultural Sciences ext.79531

Foote, Gary Automotive ext.79536

Fulton, Randy AISD Fire Academy Coordinator ext.79583

Gray, Gregory Construction ext.79540

Harvey, Jamal Automotive ext.79537

Higginbotham, Richard Health Science ext.79561

Howard, Katherine Arts, AV Technology and Communications ext.79559

Ingram, Mark Health Science ext.79562

Isbrecht, Ashley Health Science ext.79563

Jackson, Charel Cosmetology ext.79526

Jackson, Lashawndra Cosmetology ext.79525

Jones, Livia Law and Public Safety ext.79570

Keller, Cameron STEM ext 79547

Kemp, Fred AISD Police Academy Coordinator ext.79582

Knierim, J. Kevin Marketing ext.79574

La Bruyere, Ed STEM ext.79548

Law, Suzette Special Education Inclusion Teacher ext.79568

Mariscal, Ana Health Science ext.79577

McAlister, Randy Manufacturing ext.79579

McCorvey, Horace Health Science ext.79564

Mendez, Christen Manufacturing ext.79580

Monroe, Alyce Hospitality and Tourism ext.79546

Morelus, Brenda Health Science ext.79578

Morse, Shelby Agricultural Science ext.79529

Mullen, Michael Information Technology; Arts, AV Technology and Communications ext.79543

Neal, Chantel Law and Public Safety ext.79571

Ortega, Candace Manufacturing ext.79581

Paniagua Cox, Elissa Pathophysiology ext.79576

Pope, Randall Health Science ext.79538

Powell, Lin Marketing ext.79575

Powell, Preston STEM ext.79549

Robinius, Jacqulyn Health Science ext.79565

Schreiber, Beverly Marketing Sales and Service ext.79542

Smith, Christy Cosmetology ext.79527

Summers, Kari Architectural Design II ext.79534

Terry, Dustin STEM ext.79544

Tryggvason, Amanda Agricultural Science ext.79530

Wagley, Benjamin Arts, AV Technology and Communications ext.79533

Ward, Valencia Health Science ext.79539

Will, Cynthia Hospitality and Tourism ext.79567

Winter, Jenny Health Science ext.79566

Wood, Amy Law and Public Safety ext.79572