The counseling department at the Career and Technical Center (CTC)/Ag Science Center (ASC) will look a little different than on a home campus, but our main focus is the same.  We are committed to serving AISD students who attend classes on our campuses (we just serve students from a much larger area than the home campus does)! Our goal is to provide an additional layer of support with the home campus counselors to best serve our shared students. While a student is on the CTC or ASC campus, they are all one cohesive student body who just happen to come from six different high schools.

Although student registration and scheduling remains on the home campus, we are happy to advise and assist whenever there is a question or concern related to classes housed on our campus. Our goal is to help every student find their perfect career or college path toward a fulfilling, successful future after high school. Counseling services outside of scheduling that are traditionally available to students on their home campus will also be available on our campus. We will coordinate and communicate with home campus counselors to support student success in any area of need.