Brundrett Megan

Campus Role: Teacher
Campus Team:


A 10th grade Principles of Floral Design class was my first taste of agriculture science. Little did I know, that year would redesignate all my elective classes and change my career path, from interior designer to agriculture science teacher. My floral design teacher showed a huge passion for her work and students. She was one of my biggest fans in and out of the classroom, and without her guidance, creative outlets, FFA, and her volun-telling to do many things outside my comfort zone I would not be as successful as I am today. Because of her, I pursued my passion in floral design, became a first generation college graduate, and the sole reason I am an ag teacher. As of today I have completed my 9th year of teaching, have more than 17 years of floral design industry/classroom experience, and hold a degree from Tarleton State University.

Alma Mater:

Tarleton State University – Bachelors of Science

Industry Certifications:

TSFA Level 1 Teacher Certification, TSFA Level 2 Teacher Certification,


Period Time A Day Period Time B Day
2 9:35-11:05 FLORAL DESIGN 8 9:30-11:00 PRACTICUM IN AG
3 11:20-12:50 FLORAL DESIGN 9 11:15-12:45 FLORAL DESIGN
4 1:45-3:15 FLORAL DESIGN 10 1:45-3:15 FLORAL DESIGN
5 3:15-4:45 Conference 11 3:25-4:55 Conference