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Campus Role: Teacher
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I earned my B.S in Economics at UTA and have worked in a variety of fields. I
started working in education four years ago as an AVID tutor and substitute teacher. I
am currently working toward an alternative certification (Social Studies composite and
Science composite) and jumped at the chance to work at this campus.

Period Time A Day Period Time B Day
2 9:35-11:05 Medical Microbiology 8 9:35-11:05 Medical Microbiology
3 11:15-12:50 Medical Microbiology 9 11:15-12:50 Medical Microbiology
4 1:45-3:15 Medical Microbiology 10 1:45-3:15 Medical Microbiology
5 3:15-4:45 Conference 11 3:15-4:45 Conference