Courtney Beall

Campus Role: Teacher
Campus Team:



I have been involved in the field of sports medicine since I was a sophomore in high school.  After graduating from Harding University I became a licensed and certified athletic trainer.  I spent two years working at an orthopedic clinic in Abilene, TX under a doctor of osteopathy.  I also worked with a high school football team as their contract athletic trainer.  From there I went on to work at North Forney High School as the assistant athletic trainer and sports medicine teacher.  I have spent the last year teaching health science at Martin High School.  I absolutely love teaching and I am so excited to share my passion for sports medicine!

Period Time A Day Period Time B Day
2 9:35-11:05 SPORTS MEDICINE I 8 9:35-11:05 SPORTS MEDICINE II
3 11:15-12:50 AVID 9 11:15-12:50 SPORTS MEDICINE II
4 1:45-3:15 SPORTS MEDICINE I 10 1:45-3:15 AVID COACH
5 3:15-4:45 Conference 11 3:15-4:45 Conference