Agricultural Science Center News New fun in the dirt for AISD students...

Picture of AISD FFA students breaking ground on the new Agricultural Science Center.

The courses taught under the Agricultural Education umbrella are essential to our students in many ways and provide valuable life-skills through hands-on projects in our school and community.  It is our responsibility to educate youth on the importance of this time-honored industry and its professionals.  Agricultural Education should be in every school, but it isn’t. The importance of our curricula spreads further than the classroom—we need agriculture to survive.  If you eat, you need agriculture.  If you wear clothes, you need agriculture.  If you take medicine, live in a house or write with a pencil, you need agriculture.  To advance a dynamic and efficient agriculture, food and natural resource system and to assure the continued well-being of our society, first-rate education must continue to be a high priority.

The Arlington ISD Agricultural Science Center will help students understand the importance of what they are learning in authentic, meaningful ways and provide unique learning opportunities to all students in K-12 which otherwise would not be possible.  The 23,000-square foot Ag Science Center will house agricultural science projects for students from all AISD high schools. The building will include 54 flexible-fencing pens for goats and sheep, 14 heifer pens, rabbit pens, an animal exercise area, a metal construction lab and two classrooms. The state-of-the-art facility will be the district’s first net zero building.

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