“Hatching” Some New Ideas With AISD FFA Officers FFA Officers attend State Convention

FFA students vist the CCA Marine Development Center's fish hatchery

Officers of the AISD FFA, a national student agricultural science student organization, attended the 89th Texas FFA Convention in Corpus Christi during July. While gaining industry updates, training, and contacts, students had the additional amazing opportunity to tour a local fish hatchery.

At the CCA Marine Development Center, students visited the fish hatchery and enhanced their knowledge of the Texas Fishing and Wildlife environment and industries. This hatchery breeds redfish, sea trout and flounder. The hatchery regulates the water temperature and daylight to encourage these fish to lay their eggs. The eggs are then fertilized by the male fish. As the fertilized eggs start floating away, the hatchery personnel uses nets to scoop up the eggs for further study. The eggs are placed in incubation tanks to hatch. Once these hatch, the small fish are taken to supervised ponds where continued growth can be studied until they are developed enough to be released back into the public waterways. What an amazing experience for our students!

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