About Arlington High School

The mission of Arlington High School is to provide a safe environment that encourages students to take ownership of their education and to become life-long learners and employable, productive members of society. Teachers, parents, and the community are committed to being active participants in meeting the needs of each of our students.


Sons of the white and green,
Fight for your alma mater,
Fight for the fame of the Arlington name,
Triumph forge ahead, rah rah rah.
Hearts that are brave and true,
Loyal and eager too,
Shoulder to shoulder fight and win....
Sons of the white and green.

“Sons of the White & Green” composed by Jane Ellis/Dean Corey


Arlington High,
School of our praise
We’ll ere be true to you,
All of our days.
We’ll always cheer
The green and white
And owe our fortunes to you,
Arlington High.


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