Counseling Staff

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The role of the junior high counselor is to guide students toward success in academics and in decision-making skills. Counselors coordinate and administer testing as well as interpret test scores. They help students make short and long-range academic plans. They also work with students in developing skills in socialization, organization, time-management, and problem-solving. Parent contact and communication is a big part of their job; as student advocates, they are resources for parents and teachers and can help facilitate open communication between all parties. Counselors meet with students in large and small groups as well as individually over the course of the year. In addition to working with students to facilitate academic growth, counselors will also address emotional and social needs on an as needed basis. You may reach our counselors by phone or email. Students may stop in the front office before school, before lunch, or between classes and request that their counselor see them. The counselor will send a pass at their earliest convenience. If the student has a need to see the counselor that qualifies as an emergency, he/she should inform the front office staff so that the student can be seen immediately. If a student has been meeting with the counselor and returns to a class after it has begun, he/she will have a pass from the counselor with a date and time indicated.