Cell phones are expected to be powered down and out of sight at all times.

Earbuds and AirPods are not allowed. Wired headphones can be used in class for online instructional activities.

These rules apply for every class and every period.

Please refer to the student handbook on the Boles website for further explanation of this policy.

All students are expected to adhere to common practices of modesty, cleanliness, and neatness; to dress in a respectful manner within the acceptable standards of the community and in such a manner as to contribute to the academic atmosphere, not detract from it.

The Student Code of Conduct outlines the Arlington Independent School District’s expectations of student dress code.

As part of the Texas Education Code (Sec. 37.0012), all schools in Texas shall designate a Campus Behavior Coordinator whose primary responsibility is to maintain student discipline for the campus and be a contact for parents or guardians concerning individual student disciplinary actions by the school. The person designated may be the principal of the campus or any other campus administrator selected by the principal.

Your Campus Behavior Coordinators

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Students will not be assigned hallway lockers. There should be no student items stored in any locker. The only exception to locker assignments is for students participating in athletics. Coaches will assign an athletic locker to all athletes. Students participating in tennis at Martin High School will also be issued a locker.

The campus is an extension of the school building, so school rules and policies are in effect on the grounds just as they are inside the building. School buses and bus stops are also extensions of the campus. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior on the grounds, in buses, and at bus stops. They are subject to disciplinary consequences if they do not behave appropriately. Of particular concern is horseplay or unsafe behavior that is characterized by pushing, shoving, pinching, tripping, chasing, etc. Actions such as these will result in disciplinary consequences that may include after-school detention, ISS, or CHOICES. Fighting on school grounds, on the bus, or at the bus stop will result in a minimum of a CHOICES placement and could result in a ticket from the campus school resource officer.

In the event that a check written to any Arlington ISD campus, club or organization is returned unpaid by your bank, Arlington ISD or its agent will redeposit your check electronically. Additionally, you understand and agree that we may electronically collect a returned check fee of $30.00 plus applicable sales tax. The use of a check for payment is your acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms. Cell phone fines cannot be paid by check per district policy.

The Arlington ISD, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts access to protected student records as required by law. Directory information on students will be released upon request without a parent's consent, unless the parent elects in writing to restrict directory information. The form on which parents can indicate their choice is sent home each year at the beginning of the school year.

If a student is experiencing learning difficulties, the parent may contact the student's guidance counselor to learn about the district's overall general education referral or screening system for support services. This system links students to a variety of support options, including referral for a special education evaluation. Students having difficulty in the regular classroom should be considered for tutorial, compensatory, and other support services that are available to all students.

At any time, a parent is entitled to request an evaluation for special education services. Within a reasonable amount of time, the district must decide if the evaluation is needed. If evaluation is needed, the parent will be notified and asked to provide consent for the evaluation. The district must complete the evaluation and the report within 60 calendar days of the date that the district receives the written consent. The district must give a copy of the report to the parent.

If the district determines that the evaluation is not needed, the district will provide the parent with a written notice that explains why the child will not be evaluated. This written notice will include a statement that informs the parent of their rights if they disagree with the district. Additionally, the notice must inform the parent how to obtain a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards - Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities.

The designated person to contact regarding options for a child experiencing learning difficulties or a referral for evaluation for special education is the student's campus guidance counselor or Cindy Brown, Coordinator Special Education Services at 682-867-7690.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against persons with a disability in any program receiving financial assistance. It is the policy of the Arlington ISD to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination against any person with a disability in any of the programs and practices of the school district.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our Principal, at 682-867-8000.