Campus Role: Teacher
Campus Team:

Tonia Epps 
9-12 Business

I am a Business teacher, I have a been a teacher for 21 years. I went to Northwood University and completed my Masters at Dallas Baptist University.

Class Schedule:
Period 1: 7:35-9:10AM – Global Business / Banking Finance
Period 2: 9:18-10:58AM- PLC
Period 3: 10:58-1:16- Money Matters (Lunch -11:51-12:26)
Period 4: 1:24-3:00 Principles of Bus., Marketing, & Finance
Period 7: 7:35-9:10AM-Planning
Period 8: 9:18-10:58AM-Money Matters
Period 9: 10:58-1:16PM -Money Matters (Lunch -11:51-12:26)
Period 10:1:24-3:00PM-Principles of Bus., Marketing, & Finance