Shuttle bus service is provided for students between AISD’s six high schools and Venture School. Buses arrive at Venture School at approximately 7:55 a.m. and depart at approximately 2:05 p.m.

Transportation is also provided by two buses, specifically for parenting students, which pick the student up at their home, bring them to school, and return them home in the afternoon. Students utilizing this transportation service will arrive at school at either 8:00 a.m. or 9:15 a.m., depending on where the students reside. Transportation is provided when space is available.
Mission Arlington is another source used when transportation cannot be provided immediately for the student on the parenting busses.

Social Work

The goal of the school social workers is to remove the social and psychological barriers to students succeeding in the classroom. We provide linkages between the home, school, and community. Services include case-management, individual, group & family counseling, crisis intervention, problem solving, home visits, student advocacy and conflict resolution.

School Age Parent Program

The School Age Parent Program is designed to provide school age parents and pregnant teens with services that will help eliminate barriers which may be keeping them from continuing their education. Transportation, childcare services, and the C.E.H.I. (Comprehensive Education Home Instruction) program are the primary services provided to this population.

Venture Infant Center

The Venture Infant Center provides childcare for students enrolled at Venture High School OR for other parenting students in the district, depending on space availability. This center helps our parenting students eliminate a barrier that prevents them from coming to school so they can work towards a high school diploma or GED. The facility promotes a developmentally appropriate program that is consistent in a safe and secure environment. For questions, please contact Jerry Wright at 682-687-6404.

Health (School Nurse)

Health issues are important in a student’s life. Venture School has a full-time nurse on campus, trained to work with many health needs, especially those of the pregnant students. It is an important consideration in helping the students successfully complete their goal of graduation.