Hi Colts,

It's such a blessing to all educators when April Fools Day falls on the weekend. I hope you get to enjoy these beautiful first days of April prank free.

So much has happened in the last few weeks and I know the safety of our students is on everyone's minds. I know we always say student safety is our number one concern, but I want to be clear as to what that means. My admin team and I think about and create plans for student safety more than we do any other work as administrators.

While academics and extracurriculars are also an important part of our role, our focus on safety protocols and procedures happens almost every moment of every day. For that reason, the rules and expectations we set for our students when it comes to exterior doors, hall passes, and metal detectors/searches are heavily enforced regardless of the student who commits the infraction.

One area I continue to push on with our students is their own awareness of their surroundings. Please continue to have the conversation with your students about taking headphones out and looking up from their phones when they are walking around. Whether it's in the hallways, in a parking lot, or while waiting around outside, it is so important for everyone to have awareness of what is going on around them. We are not completely helpless and we can have some control over our own safety.

Senior Info

This week we kicked off our Cookie Dough Fundraiser. All profits go back to the Class of 2023, and help us cover the cost of prom. Our success on the fundraiser helps keep our prom ticket prices low. Any student that sells 15 or more products will receive a free prom ticket. Students that sell 25+ will receive two free prom tickets. All money is due to D103 on April 11th.

April 19th we will have a senior meeting that covers EVERYTHING seniors need for their last month of school. This includes graduation ticket pickup, prom ticket sales, transcripts, senior voting, and more! We will send a link to the presentation to all parents following the meeting. 

Please refer to the senior website for all updated information regarding senior events, graduation, and more -- tinyurl.com/AHSeniors


It's time for STAAR EOC testing. As a reminder, STAAR and EOC tests are the same thing. I'll call them STAAR EOC tests to help lessen confusion, but you may hear the terms interchangeably. Your student needs to pass 5 STAAR EOC tests in order to graduate. Those are:

English 1

English 2

Algebra 1


US History

Your child will take each test for the first time when they take the course tied to the test. If they pass them all, they will be done STAAR EOC testing after their 11th-grade year. However, if they fail any test, they will continue to retake the tests until they pass. We offer retesting opportunities every semester and in the summer as needed and will notify your student if they are on the retester list.

This month can be stressful with testing so please help us to encourage our students. A routine is very important so keep them getting good sleep and staying positive as much as possible.

April and May are full of appreciation days for our school staff. At the campus, we go to great lengths to be sure to recognize all of our staff for their work. I hope you all might get a moment to send an encouraging email to those you appreciate, especially during the day or week set up for them to be honored.

As I look at my calendar for the end of the year, I can't help but think of the stress coming our way. But then, I'm reminded that in just 2 months, the school year will be over and I'll have a 10th grader and a senior. I think I'll just put my stress aside and embrace every second I have with my big babies. And I hope you all will be able to do the same.

Have a great month!

Stacie Humbles, Principal
Arlington HS

First here. Best here. 

Important Dates

4/1: Orchestra NOLA Trip

4/3: Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

4/4: School Librarian Appreciation Day, AISD Signing Day

4/5: Assistant Principal Appreciation Day

4/7: No School

4/10: No School

4/11: Senior Fundraiser Ends

4/15: Choir Trip

4/20: Band Disney Trip

4/24: Prom Ticket Sales Begin

4/25: ENGLISH I STAAR EOC, Bus Driver Appreciation Day

4/26: ENGLISH II STAAR EOC, Administrative Professional Appreciation Day

4/27: English I and II STAAR EOC Make-up testing

4/28: English I and II STAAR EOC Make-up testing

4/29: Jazz Band Competition - Tarleton State

5/1: Teacher Appreciation Week


5/5: Cafeteria Appreciation Day