Hi there! I am Victoria Post and I am the College Adviser serving Lamar High School for the school year. I can help students with and all questions about the college-going process. I am located in the Go Center in room 1112. Stop by and talk with me anytime! I would love to meet with you! My contact information is listed on this page as well if you cannot meet with me in person! VFND!

My contact info:
Email is Victoria.a.post@tcu.edu
Website is Tcugo.squarespace.com

Lamar GO Center

The Lamar GO Center is located in room 1112. Ms. Post serves with the TCU College Advising Corps to assist with navigating the college process. If the student’s focus is on attending community college or a university after high school, we help with:

  • SAT/ACT sign-up and study assistance
  • Scholarship searches
  • College Applications
  • Resume building

How we see students:

  • Calling students to the Go Center, speaking with them one-on-one or in small groups (usually takes around 5-10 minutes, longer if registering or completing applications)
  • Preparing/delivering in-class presentations on the basics of what the Go Center does
  •  GO Center hours are as follows:
    • Monday-Friday – during the entire school day
Social Media pages:
Instagram: Lamarhs_gocenter
Twitter: Lamarhsgocenter
Facebook: Lamar High School Go Center
Virtual Go Center is up and running!