Coronavirus AISD Parent Information

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Dear Parents,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) makes headlines around the world, we know that Texans are becoming concerned so we’re sharing important safety information from the Tarrant County Public Health Department to help us all be prepared. Attached are flyers in various languages that will provide information about COVID-19 and prevention measures. We encourage you to read over the information and talk to your kids about how to best prevent any flu-like illness.

According to the most updated statistics from Tarrant County Public Health, there is one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the state of Texas and it’s in San Antonio. Public health officials are aggressively monitoring the virus. If there are any concerns for North Texas families, we will be notified by public health officials and we will share that information with you right away by sending a text message alert that will direct you to an email with comprehensive information.

We encourage you to stay informed about COVID-19 by following these verified resources:

Tarrant County Public Health Department
Texas State Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control

In good health,

Annette Minnerly
Health Services Coordinator