Student Password Reset How to access the AISD system?

In an effort to make the password resetting procedure more secure for all student accounts, we devised a new method for generating a password that is used when performing the initial reset of your student password. This will ensure that your student is the only one that can access the account.

The username for student is simply the first five letters of the student’s last name in TEAMS + their student ID.

The new password structure will be Aisd + the student’s birthdate in AisdYYYYMMDD format.


Name Student ID Username
Sandra Ramirez 123456 ramir123456


Birthdate Initial Password
January 1, 2008 Aisd20080101



Q. Will my student(s) need to change their password? Yes

Q. Will my student(s) need to setup their security questions? Yes

Q. My student received their device and the password doesn’t work.

A. If your student has an AISD issued laptop then in order to log onto this device they must have logged on when on the AISD network. This creates a local profile for them so the device recognizes them when they access it. With student passwords being reset this can cause the device to require their old password to access it, and then their new password to access Rapid ID, AISD applications and resources that require them to log in when working from home. Your student then has 2 choices:

  1. They can return to a campus to connect to the WiFi (can be close to the building) and then log into the device using their NEW password. The laptop will then sync and store it in their profile.
  2. They can continue at home to use their old password to log onto the device, and then their new one to log into Rapid ID and applications they need.

Q. Who can I contact that can help me?

A. Please go to our Return to School 2020 Technology Resources page under the heading ‘RESETTING STUDENT PASSWORDS’ to find a campus representative that can assist your student with their username and password.