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Adams Elementary School


The mission of James and Barbara Adams Elementary School is to ensure that ALL students reach their full potential in order to be successful in school, college, career, and life.  Students will learn in an environment that is safe, innovative and collaborative.


The vision of James and Barbara Adams Elementary School is to create an environment of excellence and pride where students choose to be successful, responsible, service-oriented, and innovative… today and in the future.


James Adams worked in the AISD for 38 years and served as a teacher, counselor, and administrator at four AISD schools before being named principal at Arlington High School, where he remained for 15 years before retiring in 2008. As principal, he led the school through significant changes including the addition of the freshman class to the high school, building expansions to accommodate the additional 1,000 students and the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programme. Barbara also worked in the AISD for 38 years. She spent her tenure as a sixth-grade language arts teacher at Hill Elementary.

James and Barbara have two daughters, Melissa Nicholson and Jennifer Webb. Like their parents, they both teach in the AISD.