Policies and Procedures

School-wide Policies

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
  3. Walk at all times.
  4. No gum. (This is a Gum Free Campus... inside and outside.)
  5. No name-calling, cursing, or teasing.
  6. No fighting.
  7. Walk bicycles/scooters on campus. Wear helmets.
  8. No skate boards, beepers, electronic games/pets, laser lights.
  9. Cell phones cannot be on during supervised periods.

Dress Code

Ashworth Elementary conforms to the Arlington ISD Dress Code as defined in the Student Code of Conduct, which may be obtained through the District web site.


Visitors are welcome at Ashworth; however, we are vigilant about the precautions we take in order to ensure student safety.

When a child is released early from school, the person that is picking up the student must be listed on the student's enrollment information as a person to whom the child can be released. The person picking up the student must present a photo ID. We will not release any student to a person who is not listed and/or does not present a photo ID at the time of release.

The outside doors of Ashworth Elementary will be closed and locked at 8:20 AM and will remain closed and locked throughout the day. Any person who enters the building will need to enter through the front doors, sign in and obtain a visitors badge.

AISD is SMOKE-FREE. There is no smoking permitted on the grounds.


Each room at Ashworth has a desk phone. Teachers will allow students to call in emergency situations, for discipline concerns, and other matters deemed important. Students should arrange after-school play prior to coming to school. Students cannot be called out of class to talk on the phone.