Morton Dismissal Traffic map

Cars will enter at the East entrance on Barrington Place. Only AISD Buses and Daycare transportation will use the parking lot on the west side of the building along Thomas Chapel Rd.

As part of the Texas Education Code (Sec. 37.0012), all schools in Texas shall designate a Campus Behavior Coordinator whose primary responsibility is to maintain student discipline for the campus and be a contact for parents or guardians concerning individual student disciplinary actions by the school. The person or persons designated may be the principal of the campus or any other campus administrator selected by the principal.

Your Campus Behavior Coordinators

Jana Martin (682) 867-5604


Five days after enrollment at Morton, the student will be held accountable for wearing a Morton uniform in accordance with the following specifications:


  • Navy or Khaki pants/shorts- "Dockers" and /or Cargo style. No denim pants.
  • Navy, White, or Light Sky Blue- "Polo" style- Long or Short Sleeve
  • Morton's spirit Shirts can also be worn
  • Navy or White Turtlenecks
  • White, Navy or Light Sky Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt- Long or Short Sleeve
  • White or Navy Sweatshirt
  • Cardigan Sweaters, and Wind Breakers in white, navy or blue


  • Khaki or Navy Skirt or Skort following AISD dress code length
  • Khaki or Navy Jumper
  • White, Navy, or Light Sky Blue Blouse with "Peter Pan" collar

Boys/Girls- General

  • This is an addition to AISD Dress Code Policy
  • No labels or emblems will be showing on any item of clothing other than shoes.
  • Shirts will be tucked into the waist of the pants or skirts.
  • No baggy pants are permitted. All pants will be worn at the waist. Pant cuffs will not drag the ground. Loose fitting pants will need to have a belt.
  • Pants, shirts, shorts will all be hemmed. No alteration of the garment will be made to change the "look" of the uniforms.

The necessary forms for requesting assistance with uniforms are available from the Parent Liaison representative on campus.