State Accountability

Overall School Rating for Rankin Elementary:
  • B (85)

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House Bill 3:


  • Gifted and Talented
  • Pre-Kindergarten (PreK 4, PreK 4 Bilingual)

Rankin Elementary


The primary mission of Rankin Elementary School is to ensure academic and behavioral progress for all students. Academic progress will be achieved through the use of data-driven, targeted instruction that includes the use of small groups in differentiated instruction. Behavioral progress will be achieved by the use of a school-wide discipline plan that includes the School Wide - Positive Behavior Intervention Support (SW-PBIS), and the Character Counts pillars being actively taught and used by the administrators, teachers, and staff.


Our vision is to be a recognized school where teachers collaborate and use data as a tool to drive instruction. We strive to be a place where students, teachers, and parents feel valued.


Rankin Elementary School is named for the long-time Arlington educator, Miss Bess Rankin. Born in 1899, Miss Rankin served the Arlington schools for almost twenty years. Miss Rankin taught both in elementary and high school and became principal of the old North Side School. She was Arlington's first woman principal. Former students of Miss Rankin said she was "well liked and a highly respected teacher and principal." Miss Rankin came from a family who prized education. Her father, Mr. E. E. Rankin, a successful pioneer merchant of early Arlington, was one of the first supporters of what is now the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Bess Rankin Elementary School was officially dedicated on December 6, 1959. Mr. Walker was the first principal. In 1999, a forty year celebration and reunion was held with many former students and staff in attendance. The occasion was further enhanced by the presence of some of Bess Rankin's nieces and nephews and their families.