State Accountability

Overall School Rating for South Davis Elementary:
  • C (74)

TEA School Report Card:

House Bill 3:


  • Gifted and Talented
  • Pre-Kindergarten (PreK 4, PreK 4 Bilingual, PreK 3, PreK 3 Bilingual)

South Davis Elementary


The mission of South Davis is to empower and engage all students to be contributing, responsible citizens who reach their maximum potential through relevant, innovative and rigorous learning experiences.


The vision of South Davis is to be acknowledged as a premier school by the community that we serve.


The faculty and staff at South Davis Elementary are in complete agreement with the vision, mission and beliefs of our district. We are committed to ensuring that goals are met by:

  • Fully committing to carrying out the goals and objectives of the district.
  • Using the Professional Learning Community process to ensure that effective teaching practices are in place, which are essential student achievement.
  • Providing a safe and orderly environment, which is critical to student success.
  • Actively engaging staff, parents, and the community in the education of students on a daily basis.
  • Ensuring that every student that attends South Davis Elementary is successful.


  • 100% of students will be on grade level in all content areas before being promoted every year.
  • 100% of students will be prepared to graduate on time and aspire to higher education after graduation.
  • 100% of students will reach their full academic potential and continue to show one year's progress each year.
  • 100% of students will be involved in extracurricular activities and will participate in family involvement activities.
  • 100% of students will leave South Davis as independent, lifelong learners.