9th-12th Special Education Transition Specialist

I began my career in education in 1990, all in Special Education. I came to AISD in 1994 and began as a Transition Specialist for the Arlington High Network in 1999. In 2008, I came to AHS.  I have worked in the area of Transition planning, aiding students and parents in making plans for the future.

I am officed at Arlington High School in room E-108.  I am typically there Monday thru Friday during normal school hours.  Because I serve the entire Arlington High Network of schools, I will leave campus from time to time.  I will attempt to leave messages if I plan to be off campus.  If you come  by my office and I'm not there, feel free to leave a note on my door so I can get back to you later.  You can also email me at rvela@aisd.net.