Veterinary Medicine

The courses in this program of study provide a foundation for students pursuing careers in food safety, animal breeding and health, and farming efficiency. Students will be able to perform veterinary assistant tasks such as administering medication and preparing animals for surgery. They support animal doctors and technicians in their daily tasks by cleaning and maintaining equipment, feeding, exercising and grooming patients, preparing and sanitizing surgery suites, restraining and handling patients, and clerical and administrative work. Students will have the opportunity to earn the Veterinary Assistant Certification.

Supporting Courses:

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Home Campus
  • Small Animal Management Home Campus
  • Equine Science Home Campus
  • Livestock and Animal Science
  • Wildlife
  • Veterinary Medical Applications
  • Advanced Animal Science
  • Practicum in Agriculture – Veterinary Assistant Certification Beginning 2018-2019

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