This program of study is for the student who seeks to pursue a career in education. Students will build a foundation for learning the principles of effective teaching practices, be able to identify the qualities of effective schools and the personal characteristics needed by professionals to be successful in educational careers.  Students will be engaged in preparing instructional materials, planning and presenting lessons, and developing group activities at their field site as they participate as interns at elementary or junior high schools under the joint supervision of their high school teacher and mentor teacher at the field site. Upon successful completion of specific criteria in this course, students will be given the opportunity to earn a “Letter of Intent” from the Arlington ISD which provides the opportunity for future employment with the district.

Supporting Classes:

  • Principles of Education and Training
  • Interpersonal Studies
  • Child Development
  • Instructional Practices - Ready, Set, Teach I
  • Practicum in Education and Training - Ready, Set, Teach II

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