Hale Elementary

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Don't forget to bring in your pennies to help your House win the Penny War. Bring silver change to sabotage other Houses! All proceeds from this fundraiser go toward prizes and rewards including our End-of-Year Celebration that includes fun inflatable obstacle courses and slides.

Congratulations to Mrs. Darling, our amazing STEM Lab Manager. She was recently selected to receive a distinguished STEM Lab award including a $300 grant to purchase supplies for our STEM Labs.

A panel from the science, math, early childhood learning and technology innovation departments ...selected the winners based on a number of factors, including STEM lab usage, curriculum implementation and collaboration.

We are so proud of her contribution to enrich the lives of our students at Lynn Hale.

House Rally today! Students who did well on their CA assessments got to pie the Principal & Assistant Principal as well as Mr. Carroll in the face!!! Boy did they have a time!

Time Traveler's Club is studying the Titanic disaster by researching passengers and crew and discovering their stories. Love these students' thirst for knowledge and history!

The House of Responsibility had their House Party this morning for being the House Leader for the 4th 6 weeks. Congrats to these hard-working students!

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