State Accountability

Overall School Rating for Young Junior High:
  • A (93)
Distinction Designations:
  • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
  • Academic Achievement in Mathematics
  • Academic Achievement in Science
  • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
  • Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth
  • Postsecondary Readiness

TEA School Report Card:


The mission of Young Junior High is to teach, guide, and support every student to achieve academic and social success, as well as develop and demonstrate respect for self and others.

Young Junior High's Teacher of the Year

2019-2020 Kimi Corp 1998-1999 Susan Frazier
2018-2019 Courtni Boyd 1997-1998 Krystal Meesey
2017-2018 Cathy Batlle 1996-1997 Lorriane Bretthauer
2016-2017 Shela Holsopple 1995-1996 Stuart Shipley
2015-2016 Keith Daniel 1994-1995 Max Spencer
2014-2015 Tiffany LeGrand 1993-1994 Nancy Rahn
2013-2014 Vicki Owens 1992-1993 Karen Grad
2012-2013 Julie Wynkoop 1991-1992 Dewayna Tigner
2011-2012 Jackie Greebon 1990-1991 Jim King
2010-2011 Christi Jones 1989-1990 Jim Price
2009-2010 Anna Barrett 1988-1989 Sherry Thompson
2008-2009 Linda Ice 1987-1988 Bob Soncrant
2007-2008 Starla Smith 1986-1987 Becca Sales
2006-2007 Teresa Wilson 1985-1986 Linda Scott
2005-2006 Nina Martin 1984-1985 Sharon Lodygowski
2004-2005 Maurine Gill 1983-1984 Sue Pearson
2003-2004 Londa Cooper 1982-1983 Diana Mays
2002-2003 Pat Cooper 1981-1982 Dari Smith
2001-2002 Rachelle Laux 1980-1981 Cad Dennehy
2000-2001 Sally Reeves 1979-1980 Debbie Hejde & Don Rogers
1999-2000 Martha L'Hullier &Kay Sample

School Namesake

Charles W. Young, for whom our school is named, was a resident of Arlington from 1952 until his passing in 1992. He spent nearly 12 years as a member of the Arlington school board, serving from 1961-1973. During that time he was vice-president of the school board, assistant secretary, and secretary. He did not seek re-election in 1973 and retired from Lone Star Gas Company that same year, after 38 1/2 years of service.

A past president of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and a recipient of their Citation of Service Award, Mr. Young also played an active part in the work of the YMCA in Arlington as well as the United Way and numerous other civic and cultural activities in the Arlington community. On December 9th, 1979, Charles W. Young Junior High school was formally dedicated in his honor and both he and his wife, Anne, would often volunteer their time and talents volunteering in the school library and were often seen on the sidelines of our games.