Mr. Arnold's Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance:
In case you saw and were wondering why we had a bunch of kids throwing paper airplanes in the cafeteria the last two days, they were competing in a Paper Airplane Factory lab.  Different teams or "companies' competed while learning about aspects of product development, factory specialization, inventory management, sunk costs of production, inflation and teamwork in Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance as we introduced our Production of Goods unit.

Ms. Tillotson's Spanish Class:
We are learned about the Huichol people from Central Western Mexico and are making yarn paintings this week en la clase de español. I just wanted to brag on my kiddos, they look like they're having a good time, ¿qué no?

Ms. Burgiss Culinary:
Young “parents” taking care of their sugar babies from Dr. Ward's parenting project while cooking/eating their Crunchwrap labs! They’re doing so well!

Agriculture and FFA:

Yesterday we took our Agriculture Issues team to the Capital where they presented their topic of CRISPRS (a gene editing tool to produce more resilient crops) to the commissioner of Agriculture, various state representatives and their staff members! It was an awesome experience for our students, and they represented AHS and the FFA well! They will compete on Nov. 9th at our district contest with hopes of advancing to area. If you have them in class, please congratulate them on a job well done!
AHS students on the team include:
Maddie Whitehead
Austin Peay
Lizzie Royal

November 4 is day 21 for our chicken eggs in the incubator so they should be hatching all day and weekend. Woke up to 8 so far! We start learning about poultry production next week so it's perfect timing to learn where our chickens come from as we get to handle them in class!