Hi Colts,

I wanted to inform you of our new metal detector policy. Like last year, all students will go through metal detectors before periods 1/7. We are adding metal checks to all students and visitors at all other times of entry to our building. 100% of students and visitors to the campus will be checked.

The protocol is as follows:

  1. Students will remove the listed metal items from their backpacks before going through the metal detectors and hand them to a staff member. See the attachment for what needs to be removed. 
  2. Students will walk through the metal detectors with their backpacks on.
  3. If the alarm triggers, students will have their backpacks searched by an administrator. Illegal items will be immediately confiscated and appropriate consequences will be issued. 
  4. Students will go through a secondary metal detector after their bag is checked.

Metal Check Locations

Morning Arrival (3 locations):

  • Metal checks will be located at Main Counseling (off Park Row), New B (by the Ag building), and E-Hall (by Chicken E) each morning before periods 1/7.
  • Doors will open at 7am and the tardy bell rings at 7:35.
  • All tardy students must enter through E-Hall.

Passing Periods (2 locations):

  • Metal checks will be located at New B and E-Hall during passing periods for students who are returning from classes outside of the main building or at an off-campus site.
  • Students going to off-campus classes may NOT exit through New B.
  • Tardy students must enter through E-Hall.

Off-Campus Lunch (2 locations):

  • Metal checks will be located at New B and E-Hall for students who are returning from off-campus lunch.
  • Only students who are classified as juniors and seniors are allowed off-campus lunch.
  • Students who are tardy from off-campus lunch will lose the privilege of off-campus lunch.

How you can help:

  • Limit the amount of metal in your school supplies.
  • Educate yourself on what can and cannot go through metals.
  • Bring a clear bag to after-school games and events.
  • Be early. You need 2 hours to get through TSA checks, 1 hour to get through metals at a Rangers game, 45 minutes to get through metals at Six Flags. You'll need more than 30 seconds to get through metals at Arlington HS.
  • Be patient. This will take time to figure out and we'll need to make adjustments. Getting angry, posting a bunch of stuff on social media, or being uncooperative on purpose is not helpful in any way to those of us who are working harder than ever before. Please help us.

Those of you who know me know that safety is THE priority. I am so grateful for this staff at Arlington HS. Every single staff member here at AHS is taking on the task of helping with metal checks and bag searches. This is not comfortable, but it is necessary, and we are all in this together.

We are blessed to be a part of this community and a district that is so dedicated to one another and to our children's safety. Hang with us, Colts. I know we'll have a smooth system soon enough.

I'll send more updates about the first days of school all week long.

Talk to you soon.

Stacie Humbles, Principal
The Arlington High School
First here. Best here.