Dear Arlington High School Parents and Guardians,

I trust this message finds you well. We are reaching out to remind all student drivers of our parking expectations at Arlington High School.

We expect all student drivers to have a registered driver's license as well as a registered and insured vehicle. We want to clarify the following guidelines:

Parking Permits: It is mandatory for all student vehicles to display a visible mirror decal. This decal helps in easy identification of authorized vehicles. Please ensure the decal is visible on the front windshield of your child's vehicle.

Purchasing Parking Permits: Students may purchase a parking permit in C207. Students must have their license, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance at the time of purchase. For the remainder of the school year, the cost for a parking permit is $25, and students will be assigned a parking spot in the MAC parking lot. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for a reduced fee. Please contact Mr. Randle for details.

Authorized Student Parking: All students with parking privileges are required to park in the MAC parking lot, located on Park Row. This designated area is allocated for student use to ensure safety and efficiency. Students must park in their assigned spot.

Off-Limits Areas: Student parking is only available in the MAC parking lot. Students are expressly prohibited from parking in the Teacher parking lots or Band practice area (located between Chicken Express and the baseball fields). Students who park in local business parking lots are subject to towing by the businesses.


Starting January 22nd, we will begin the process of consequences for unregistered vehicles. Each infraction could result in the following:

  1. Warning sticker
  2. Wheel clamp applied to vehicle. $25 removal fee.
  3. Vehicle will be towed. Violator must work with city to retrieve vehicle.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us ensure all vehicles are registered and that all student drivers are licensed. If you have any questions or concerns or if your student needs to acquire a parking permit, please email Mr. Randle ( or visit room C207.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration in making Arlington High School a safer place for everyone.

Best regards,

Stacie Humbles