Brooklyn S., a 12th-grade student from AHS, sold her steer Kerosene at the Fort Worth Stock Show for $39 per pound, totaling $47,502. Fort Worth is one of the few shows that gives all the money to the student. This is the first time that we can recall that we have had a student make the sale at the Fort Worth Stock Show, and it makes us so happy! Special shoutout to Jordan Williams for his hard work with the steer students. If you know Brooklyn, please congratulate her on this impressive achievement!
February 10th around 9:45 Ismael P.'s cow "Betty" had her calf, a bull calf "Big Bert". Jwilli and Ismael got a call from another student who was feeding his steer this morning, saying that betty was having what looked like contractions. They got to the barn around 7:45 and made sure everything went smoothly. Momma and calf are doing well, and he is up and walking around and figuring out how to get milk! If you see Ismael this week congratulate him on the addition to his herd.
Ismael's family has some property in Navarro county and plan on moving Betty and Big Bert out there once he graduates. They have angus cows and a brahman bull right now and he plans on transitioning the herd to Brangus cattle. He bought Betty last year, not only to show through our FFA chapter but also as a way to start to improve his family's herd!
Enjoy the pictures of Ismael, Betty and Big Bert!
 The spring is our busiest time with all the stock shows, judging contests, and calves being born 😄. A couple weeks ago on one of the last days for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, our very own Kennedy Millikan (11th grade) competed in the calf scramble.
The calf scramble is where 15 calves are released into the arena for 30 youngsters to chase and attempt to catch a calve. They have to then put a halter on it and get it to a square drawn in the dirt. Kennedy was the first one in her group to catch, halter, and drag her calf to the square!
At Fort Worth Stock Show During 23 rodeo performances, 230 youth will catch calves and be awarded certificates valued at $500. Certificate proceeds are used to help purchase a beef or dairy heifer that participants care for and prepare for exhibition at the Stock Show the following year. Kennedy also has a spot in the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo to compete, where the prize is $1,750 toward a beef heifer for the next school year!
If you see Kennedy Millikan around or have her in class ask her about her experience and congratulate her on a catching!!