Erica Capella, AISD’s CTE Teacher of the Year AHS's Own Culinary Teacher

Congratulations to Erica Capella, AISD’s CTE Teacher of the Year!! Arlington High’s CTE teachers put so much into their career and technical programs to show students there are so many more pathways to explore. Thank you to the AISD CTE department for recognizing this side of education.


the teachers listed below who are nominees for CTE Teacher of the Year. Six out of sixteen are AHS CTE Teachers! A winner will be announced tomorrow evening at the awards ceremony. Regardless of who walks away with the award, they all work hard and are deserving of this honor. Congrats team!!

·         Blake Arnold

·         Holli Brett

·         Erica Capella

·         Ethan Chavoya

·         Gwendolyn Cooper

·         Cori Davis

·         Sean Fanning

·         Charles Ferrell

·         Sara Grenier

·         Christopher Grimaldo

·         Blair Hansard

·         Krassimira Hansard

·         Paul Laux

·         Alyce Monroe

·         Tanner Smith

·         Barbara Ward