• Gifted and Talented


  • State Accountability

    Overall School Rating for Butler Elementary:
    • A (96)
    Distinction Designations:
    • Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
    • Academic Achievement in Mathematics
    • Academic Achievement in Science
    • Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth
    • Postsecondary Readiness

    TEA School Report Card:

House Bill 3:

Butler Elementary


The educators of Butler Elementary will ensure the intellectual and social development of each student to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.


Butler Elementary is a high performing school with a focus on developing successful learners through a variety of academic approaches. Through rigorous, relevant, and innovative instruction, our students will develop 21st Century skills and become independent, life-long learners who will succeed with integrity. We believe in a school culture with an emphasis on community, where parents, students, teachers, and administrators work collaboratively to ensure success for all Butler students.

History - The Butler Sisters

Butler Elementary is named for two sisters, Nora and Pearl, who were affectionately known as “the Butler sisters.” Both Nora and Pearl were born in Godley, Texas and both began their teaching career in AISD at Arlington High School in 1942. Nora and Pearl were dedicated teachers who loved their students. Nora retired from teaching in 1966 and Pearl retired in 1971.

Past Principals of Butler (pictured below - right to left):

  • Joyce Meesey 1975-1996
  • John DeMore 1996-2003
  • Sara Coulter   2003-2011
  • Daniel Gallagher 2011 - 2013