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House Bill 1842, passed in June 2015 during the 84th Legislative Session, requires campuses to develop a turnaround plan after two consecutive years of unacceptable performance and implement the plan if the campus has a third consecutive year of unacceptable performance. Before a campus Turnaround Plan is prepared and submitted for approval to the board of trustees of the school district, the district, in consultation with the campus intervention team, must provide notice to parents, the community, and stakeholders that the campus has received an unacceptable performance rating for two consecutive years and will be required to submit a campus turnaround plan. Short Elementary School and Speer Elementary have a current accountability rating of 2nd Year F overall based on 2019 state assessment results. The campus intervention team for both Speer Elementary and Short Elementary School is requesting assistance from parents, the community, and stakeholders in developing the campus turnaround plan. Please note the time and location for each of the Public Input meetings.