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Our students will get to see and hear a positive affirmation every Monday this school year. We call it Motivating Mondays!!! Here’s our first affirmation from last Monday, October 24th. We would love for your to take some time this week to talk about how this positive affirmation was present in ...your lives this past week.


In honor of the 50th day of school, we wore our 50s attire!! We even had a Sock-Hop!!! It was a great…great day!!

Big Kahuna Delivery Date & Time
Wednesday, October 26th from 12pm-3pm at Ellis Elementary

We will send 5 items or less to the classrooms for the students to take home. Six items or more will need to be picked up delivery day during the times listed.

If you have any ...questions about delivery or issues, please feel free to contact the office at 682-867-7900. If your child is out that day, please plan to pick up your child's items no matter the size as we do not have the facilities to keep and/or store items.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have you ever thought about working in the classroom? Be a sub for Arlington ISD and find out how rewarding a job can be when you are changing lives every day to create a better future. We need YOU!

The power of support and knowing someone has your back. Thank you to Keith Davis for bringing us the power to never give up on our goals and dreams.

Keith Davis presentation for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students on “Achieving Your Goals.” Mr. Davis pushed students to not give up on their dreams and that anything is possible no matter where you come from or what obstacles may be in your way. Thank you Mr. Davis for your inspiration.

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