State Accountability

Overall School Rating for Lamar High School: Not Rated (To align with Senate Bill 1365, a Not Rated label is used when the domain or overall scaled score is less than 70.)

TEA School Report Card:

CCMR Goals

2019-2020 LHS Academic Profile

Graduation Requirements and Graduation Plans

AISD Course Description Book


Students are classified at the beginning of each school year based on the number of credits they have earned. Required classification credits are:

Tenth Grade (Sophomore) 6 credits
Eleventh Grade (Junior) 12 credits
Twelfth Grade (Senior) 18 credits

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Rank

Weighted grade point system for grades 9 – 12:

Equivalent Numerical Value Grade Grade Pts. Regular Level Grade Pts. Honors Level ID Codes On Report Cards
97-100 A+ 12 15 INC – Incomplete NC-No Credit P/F – Pass/Fail WD – Withdrawn ABS – Attendance Policy X – GPA Exempt
93-96 A 11 14
90-92 A- 10 13
87-89 B+ 9 12
83-86 B 8 11
80-82 B- 7 10
77-79 C+ 6 9
73-76 C 5 8
70-72 C- 4 7
Below 70 F 0 0
Grade Average = Sum of Grade Points Earned/# of Non-Exempt Classes Attempted

RANK:  See AISD Course Description Book for AISD Board Policy

GPA/EXEMPT OPTION {Board Policy EIC (Local)}

  1. GPA-exempt courses shall be limited to juniors and seniors who have maintained a GPA of at least 7.00.
  2. Courses beyond the required 24 or 26 credits (the required third credit of Languages other than English on the Distinguished Achievement Graduation Plan may not be taken GPA Exempt) could be taken as GPA-exempt courses, but are limited to two courses per semester per student
  3. The student’s intent to take a course on the GPA-exempt basis option must be declared within the first three weeks of each semester. This decision is final and cannot be rescinded.
  4. The numerical grade earned on a GPA-exempt course shall be posted on the transcript with no grade points.
  5. A third GPA exemption may be granted if applied to a third or fourth year course that is paired with another course in the same program.

Areas allowed for a third GPA exemption under this policy include athletics, band, choir and orchestra.