Attendance Clerk Alpha Phone Number Email
Minerva Class A-Can 682-867-6470
Jessica Karnowski Cao-Fi 682-867-8160
Kelly Coover Fj-Hol 682-867-8124
Anna Palmer Hom-Mea 682-867-8108
Marquita Jones Meb-Pow 682-867-8115
Lauren Downing Pr-Sor 682-867-8150
Monika Nunez Sos-Z 682-867-8155

District Attendance Officer

Rick Marquez 682-867-1924  

Regular attendance and punctuality are required of every student.  Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school more and are much more employable after leaving high school.  The Arlington Independent School District expects all students to attend school regularly and be on time for classes in order to benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility.

  1. A student may not be given credit for a class if the student has more than five days of absence during a semester. An ABS will be recorded for the semester grade.
  2. By request, a parent/student may ask for an Attendance Review Committee hearing to waive the attendance policy. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate school administrator to schedules the hearing.  In the case of non-resolution, the parent or guardian may appeal, within five days from the school hearing, in writing, to the Executive Director of Student Services.
  3. Consistent with the requirements of the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law, students who have excessive unexcused absences will be required to continue in school and assume responsibility for the completion of all assignments. A student in this circumstance who creates a disturbance or becomes uncooperative and a disciplinary problem is subject to disciplinary actions, including placement in an alternative educational program.  A student who loses credit for any class must continue to attend that class.
  4. According to TEC 25.092, ALL students are required to attend class 90% of the time the class is offered. Students on block schedules who accrue FIVE (5) absences or more in one semester may not receive credit for the class.  Since block schedules classes meet on alternate days, each class meets approximately forty-five times each semester.  Thus, five absences or more exceeds the 90% attendance requirement.  Once this policy has been violated by missing FIVE (5) days per class per semester, students will be placed on an “Attendance Contract” in order to have the opportunity to receive credit for the course.  Doctor’s notes will be required for any future absences, once a student is placed on an Attendance Contract.  If a student is unable to provide a doctor’s note, make-up time is required.
  5. To clear an absence the parent or guardian should call the attendance office before 2:00 p.m. on the day of the absence.  Please call the number associated with the student’s last name.

An excused absence is given for illness, family emergency or death in the family. More than THREE (3) consecutive days of illness will require a physician’s statement. Accumulated absences in excess of FIVE (5) days per class per semester will require a doctor’s note. Parent’s permission does not necessarily mean the school will be able to excuse the absence. An excused absence entitles the student to have an opportunity to make up work missed. Securing assignments and making up the work is the student’s responsibility. Failure to hand in such work within a reasonable time will mean a zero for that assignment. A reasonable length of time is considered to be one day for each day absent. Doctor, dental and other appointments for AHS students are to be scheduled so the student will be in attendance during 2nd period on A days and 6th period on B days. The student must sign out in the attendance office when leaving and return with a signed doctor’s note, complete with date and time services were rendered.

If an illness or accident is such that the student misses four (4) consecutive weeks or more of school, the parent or guardian should contact the counselor in order to secure Homebound Services.

An excused absence may be granted to a student when such absence is required for the exercise of the student’s religious beliefs. Such absence shall require advanced written request and a telephone call from the parent.

Excused absences still count against meeting the TEC 25.092 requirements that students are present in class 90% of the time, and as such, may result in loss of credit.

Absences due to employment, job interviews, missing school assemblies, leaving class without permission, leaving school without signing out, oversleeping, staying in the restroom instead of reporting to class or nurse office, and lateness after lunch are some of the instances that will be unexcused.

Students who miss school without having an approved excused absence shall not receive credit for work missed during the unexcused absence period. No makeups shall be allowed for assignments, tests, or other school work missed because of unexcused absences. Zeros will be given for grades taken during periods with unexcused absences. A parent’s permission for a student to violate the school’s policy (or approval of the violation after it has occurred) does not legalize the action.

Students must have parent and school permission before leaving the campus except at the end of their regular school day. A phone request for dismissal should be made in the attendance office. Doctor, dental and other appointments for students are to be scheduled so the student is in attendance during 2/6 periods. Any student leaving during school hours must have permission from the school and must sign out. Students must sign in when they return. Failure to sign in and out will result in disciplinary consequences.