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AISD Named to Inaugural Cohort of Holdsworth Center’s Premier Leadership Program

June 4, 2017
The Arlington ISD was named one of seven public school districts to participate in the Holdsworth Center’s inaugural cohort. Founded…

Take online survey and help the AISD plan its next bond program

April 11, 2019
Screenshot of video of Dr. Cavazos asking the community to take an online survey about capital needs
The Arlington ISD needs your input. A new bond program is currently being developed to address facilities, fine arts programs,…

Share your input on the future of the AISD, take online survey by Feb. 15

February 6, 2019
Take online survey to help AISD plan for a future bond program
The Arlington ISD is considering a bond program to address facilities, fine arts programs, transportation, technology and security needs. Please help the district…

Congratulations September 2018 Teachers and Department Employee of the Month

September 24, 2018
September Teachers of the Month
Congratulations to Ana Pinson from Ditto Elementary, Andi Jenkins from Nichols Junior High, Johnathane Gaffney from Seguin High School and…

Arlington ISD Offers Graduation DVD’s for Sale

June 11, 2019
DVD Purchase Information You may purchase DVD copies of the graduation by contacting your student’s school directly with the information…
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