School Health Advisory Council

School Health Advisory Council


Meetings are normally held at the Mac Bernd Professional Development Center (PDC) from 6:00 - 7:30 PM, unless noted otherwise. The committee will determine the schedule for meetings.

  • December 11, 2018
  • February 25, 2019
  • April 29, 2019
  • June 17, 2019

2018-2019 MEMBERS

  1. Julia Alkire
  2. Christina Blank
  3. JoAnna Cardoza
  4. Catherine Carlton
  5. Jennifer Contreras
  6. Charles Finicum
  7. Tammy Gonzalez
  8. Tanisha Hobohm
  9. Kristen Hudson
  10. Josephina Martinez
  11. Kristine Morton
  12. Shana Nixon
  13. Cynthyia Roberts
  14. Lauran Savell
  15. Lisa Starr **
  16. Stephen Wolters





The primary role of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is to assist the district in ensuring that the local community values are reflected in the District's health education instruction. The SHAC has provided the AISD Board of Trustees with valuable input from the district's stakeholders. The Board believes the function of the SHAC is vital to the Board, the District and its stakeholders.


The District's wellness goal is to provide an age-appropriate wellness education and an environment for students that encourage healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle. The SHAC, on behalf of the District, shall review and consider evidence-based strategies and techniques and shall develop nutrition guidelines and wellness criteria.

The SHAC, in collaboration with the District, shall develop a wellness plan to implement the District's nutrition guidelines and wellness criteria.

The SHAC shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and shall not assume the responsibilities or duties of the Board or the AISD administration. The SHAC shall operate strictly within the charge that is approved by the Board of Trustees.


  1. The SHAC shall be comprised of a minimum of 5 members appointed by the Board of Trustees with a majority of the members being parents of enrolled students and not employed by the district. The SHAC shall represent all citizens, all students, all campuses and all stakeholders within the boundaries of the AISD. Membership on the SHAC shall include representation from the Board of Trustees, members of the public (1), a medical/pediatric professional (1), parents (12), students (1), teachers (3) and representation from the following district departments: Food & Nutrition Services (1), Health & Physical Education (1), School Health (1), Academic Services (1) and campus administration (1). The Board of Trustees on the SHAC will serve as advisory only and will not vote.
  2. The Board of Trustees will appoint the SHAC chairperson. For this rotation, appointment to the SHAC will be for two calendar years. Upon completion of this two-year cycle, assignments to the SHAC will be for a one-year term beginning annually in September and expiring the last day of August.
  3. Twelve at-large parents of enrolled students who are not district employees. (Individuals related to an AISD employee by blood (consanguinity) within the third degree, or by marriage (affinity) within the second degree are not eligible for these positions. (12)
  4. One teacher representative from each of the three teacher associations. (ATPE, TSTA and UEA) Elementary, junior high and high school levels shall be represented. Assignments of grade level representation by the respective organizations will be made by random drawing. (3)
  5. One student representative from the Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB). Although only one SLAB member will be a voting/recommending member of the SHAC, all members of the SLAB are invited to participate on the SHAC. (1)
  6. One campus administrator. (1)
  7. One district representative from each of the following departments:
    1. Academic Services (1)
    2. Food & Nutrition Services (1)
    3. Health, Physical Education & Athletics (1)
    4. School Health (1)
  8. One pediatric/medical professional. (1)
  9. One at-large member of the community to be selected by the Board of Trustees. (1)


  1. SHAC meetings will begin once the committee membership is determined and shall meet periodically throughout the school year as necessary. Meeting dates, times and locations will be determined at a later date.
  2. The SHAC shall operate within applicable AISD and state policies, regulations and laws.
  3. All meetings of the SHAC shall be open to the public.
  4. The AISD administration shall be available to the SHAC as required, but within limitations imposed by the administration's daily duties.
  5. Each SHAC member will be asked to make a firm commitment to attend all SHAC meetings and to participate in the final report to the Board of Trustees. SHAC members shall miss no more than 2 SHAC meetings to be eligible to vote on recommendations compiled by the council.
  6. A majority of the SHAC membership must be present in order for the council to make a final recommendation.
  7. Actions taken by the Board of Trustees on the recommendations presented by the SHAC may include approval, amendment or non-approval of all or part(s) of the final recommendation.


Annually, the SHAC, in collaboration with the District, shall prepare a report of each campus's progress toward meeting the criteria listed in this policy and in the wellness plan, including a summary of each campus's major activities and events tied to the wellness program. The report shall also document the extent to which the wellness policy and plan compare with any state- or federally designated model wellness policies. Progress monitoring of the Wellness Plan will be reviewed annually with each Campus Improvement Plan and the District Improvement Plan. This report shall be made available to administration and the Board of Trustees.

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