Research and Accountability

Department Contact:

Dr. Kevin Barlow

Executive Director

(682) 867-7423

Research and Accountability develops and adapts systems to monitor progress toward district strategic goals through comprehensive, diagnostic and accountability measures sufficiently sophisticated to enable priority allocation of district resources. It directs performance evaluation and research that provides statistical evidence of effectiveness of general and specific programs. It orchestrates the district-level strategic planning process and collaborates with the Superintendent’s Cabinet and campus principals to ensure alignment of district and campus plans with the strategic plan. It oversees the planning and implementation of district-wide student testing.

Contact Us

TBD Senior Program Evaluator (682) 867-7407
Carole Lofton Technician (682) 867-7719
Mark Lansdon Senior Programmer/Analyst (682) 867-7248
Jodi Peoples Secretary (682) 867-7423
Kathy StJean Specialist Assessments (682) 867-7416
Dr. Kevin Barlow Executive Director (682) 867-7423
Effie Aguilera Specialist Assessments (682) 867-4604
Mark Taylor Specialist Assessments (682) 867-7406
Dr. Natalie Lopez Director of School Improvement (682) 867-7417
Patrick Nesbitt Data Warehouse Senior Programmer (682) 867-7747
Dr. Peggy Porterfield Director of Assessments (682) 867-7466
Roger Chiu Senior Programmer/Analyst (682) 867-7718
Dr. Tabiri Tabasuri Senior Program Evaluator (682) 867-7717
TBD Coordinator of Research and Evaluation (682) 867-7716
Gary Scheib Database Administrator (682) 867-7293