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Natalie Lopez

Dr. Natalie Lopez

Assistant Superintendent of Research and Accountability
(682) 867-7423

Research and Accountability develops and adapts systems to monitor progress toward district strategic goals through comprehensive, diagnostic and accountability measures sufficiently sophisticated to enable priority allocation of district resources. It directs performance evaluation and research that provides statistical evidence of the effectiveness of general and specific programs. It orchestrates the district-level strategic planning process and collaborates with the superintendent’s cabinet and campus principals to ensure alignment of district and campus plans with the strategic plan. It oversees the planning and implementation of district-wide student testing.


Dr. Natalie Lopez Assistant Superintendent
Cameron Garcia Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent


Dr. Peggy Porterfield Director - Assessment and Accountability
Mark Taylor Coordinator - Accountability
Effie Aguilera Specialist - Assessment 
Wes Thrush Specialist - Assessment 
Kathy St. Jean Specialist - Assessment 
Carole Kilgore Assessment Technician


Gary Scheib Data Reports Project Manager
Bin Wang Database Administrator
Stella Cobb Senior Programmer/Analyst
VACANT Senior Programmer/Analyst

Research, Evaluation & Analysis

Dr. Genéa Stewart Director - Research, Evaluation & Analysis
Sarah Pérez Research Analyst
Alex Wooten Research Analyst
VACANT Research Analyst