Library Media Services

Library Media Services

Department Contact:

Julie Moore


(682) 867-7841

The mission of the Library Media Services department, in partnership with the Technology Integration and Innovation department, is to create the best possible learning experiences with relevant resources and innovative technology. In addition, the department provides support in processing and curation of all campus library digital and print materials.

Tweets by @aisdlibsrv

Johns students listened to Dragons Love Tacos and Secret Pizza Party and then attempted to make their own favorite foods with Legos. I see a popsicle, sushi, and McDonald's fries and cheeseburger! @aisdlbsrv

Today's word is REBUS! With our emoji culture, I thought they would be better at we practiced some searching/defining 🐝+n= been
It was still the hardest puzzle, but they got it & rescued Grandma. Little Red & EY 5th graders save the day! @breakoutEDU @Levianne

Created a quick compare and contrast template with @Seesaw so S’s could compare coding with @Ozobot Bit and @Sphero robots. Then S’s wrote a caption to describe which they preferred. @AISDblended @MsKOConnor5 @bebensee_lib @AISDTI2 #techintegration

@triciaebarvia @TchKimPossible @juliaerin80 @nenagerman @consciouskidlib A6 I like #1000BlackGirlBooks Resource Guide; I also like hitting up Good Reads for semi-woke reviews; I also stay connected w badass librarians. #DisruptTexts

2nd-4th grade EY sts @ShortElem used Blip from the book #Unplugged to design & build their own robots. #MakerSpace @aisdlibsrv @3dinthelibrary

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