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To determine your child's eligibility for Pre K, your application must provide evidence of the required documents during the online application process.

  • If using a computer to fill out the application, please upload or scan all documents before beginning the Schoolmint Application.
  • If you decide to use your mobile phone or iPad, download the Schoolmint application and take a photo of all the required documents before starting the registration process.

Acceptable documents for Pre K application include:

  • Proof of Income (most recent paystub or unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, Medicaid benefits letter, or Disability payment stub)
  • SNAP/TANF or Medicaid benefits letter
  • Current Tax return (only if self-employed)
  • Proof of Military Service for Active Duty Military parent(s)
  • Foster Care documents
  • Star of Texas Award certificate or letter

For more information, please visit AISD Pre-Kindergarten.