West Nile Prevention

The Arlington ISD is monitoring the West Nile Virus situation closely and is in constant communication with our city officials regarding this matter. The AISD encourages parents to consider the following:

  • Application of a mosquito repellant that contains DEET, Picardie or oil of lemon eucalyptus before children leave home in the morning.
  • Students DO NOT need to carry mosquito repellant to school.
  • Parents should consider reapplying a mosquito repellant if students are participating in after-school activities and will be outside in the evening.
  • The AISD will have DEET-containing mosquito repellants for students who remain after school to participate in outdoor school-sponsored activities. In this case, parents are responsible for advising their children over the use of the DEET product. Parents should consider any allergies that their student may have to a DEET product. Students who choose to use the DEET product will obtain the product from the AISD staff for self-application outdoors only. Please review the material safety data sheet for the DEET product (available here).

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